About Us

Pets Oasis is a family-owned pet company that believes in the rights of these pets. The company strives to develop and grow through core values and principles: commitment, responsibility, outstanding performance, innovation and joint action.

Our Vision

The pets oasis is one of the first companies specialized in the field of pets and become a trademark in this area.

Our Mission

Spread awareness and culture of the importance of social relationship between human and pets, and provide care and products that meet all the needs of pets.

Our Goals

  • Establish a constructive and effective partnership with the relevant governmental bodies in the field of livestock.
  • Provide veterinary and educational services and support the public interest.
  • The service of education in the field of raising pets accompaied by educational field visits.
  • Holding educational seminars under the supervision of the concerned authorities to work on developing of educational and veterinary fields.
  • Provide recreational activities for charitable societies and contribute to raise awareness of how to deal with pets and taking care of them.
    Develop awareness program for the care of pets and prevention in dealing with stray animals according to the principals of our religion and to introduce the dangers of stray animals and how to reduce their risks.